Queensland neighbourhood and community centres in crisis without funding being doubled

More than 120 neighbourhood and community centres across Queensland are under threat, with inadequate funding putting both staff safety and community wellbeing at risk.

QCOSS and the Queensland Families and Communities Association (QFCA), the peak body of the state’s neighbourhood centres, are urgently calling on the state government to double the funding for neighbourhood and community centres in the upcoming budget.

Currently, most centres only receive core funding of $115,000 per year. This funding allows for only one full-time worker per centre to deliver neighbourhood centre activities, as well as pay for IT systems, utilities, maintenance, materials, programs and, in some cases, rent.

QCOSS CEO Mark Henley says this is not good enough.

“Neighbourhood centres are essential local infrastructure and hubs for social provision and community capacity building,” Mr Henley said.

QFCA President Tomas Passeggi agrees.

“Staff working in neighbourhood and community centres are increasingly responding to highly distressed people on a daily basis,” Mr Passeggi says.

“More than one paid staff member is required to work effectively with people from the community who are in various stages of concern or crisis.”

“It is integral that the state government doubles the funding so staff can safely provide these vital services in Queensland communities.”



For media enquiries, please contact Tomas Passeggi on 0414 547 855 for interviews and for a neighbourhood centre in your local area to interview.

The current funding is simply inadequate and does not allow for front line staff at centres to do their jobs. We need to double the funding from $15 million to $30 million per year.