Queensland tenancy reforms welcome

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The response to the Queensland Government’s tenancy reform consultation proves there is huge support for change to our tenancy laws, to support and protect both the tenant and property owner.

QCOSS welcomes the Queensland Government’s package of proposed tenancy reforms, which have been directly informed by the views of Queenslanders from across the state.

“Everyone in Queensland deserves to live in a place where they can create a home – a safe, secure, and affordable home – whether they rent or own,” QCOSS CEO Mark Henley says.

“We commend the government for committing to cover important issues, such as minimum housing standards and ending a tenancy fairly. The proposals provide greater security and safety for renters.

“We are particularly pleased to see reforms to support tenants escaping domestic and family violence, by allowing tenants to end tenancies quickly, if needed, access part rental bonds and install safety and security measures.”

QCOSS is part of the Make Renting Fair Alliance, which continues to ask the Queensland Government to make renting fair and affordable to ensure all Queenslanders can make rental properties a home.

“While the government’s proposed reforms are a huge step forward, we are keen to see more of QCOSS’ recommendations included, such as a minimum standard for energy efficiency in rental homes,” Mr Henley said.

“Without energy efficiency minimum standards, tenants reliant on low incomes, in particular, will continue to unfairly pay extra.”

QCOSS welcomes the Queensland Government’s ongoing consultation on the renting reforms and is encouraging people in Queensland to take up the opportunity to express their views. We know that having stable housing and a place to call home is the foundation for good wellbeing.

For 60 years, QCOSS has been a leading force for social change. We believe that every person in Queensland – regardless of where they come from, who they pray to, their gender, who they love, how or where they live – deserves to live a life of equality, opportunity and wellbeing.

More information

To find out more about the reforms and how to send a submission to the government, visit the Make Renting Fair in Queensland website here.

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