Queenslanders struggling to cover their energy costs will have say in consultations

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Queenslanders struggling to cover their energy costs will have a voice in three energy consultations QCOSS will be conducting during 2019/20. Thanks to a grant from Energy Consumers Australia, QCOSS is kicking off the project to represent the interests of low-income Queensland households in three major regulatory pricing processes:

  • The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) Determination on Regulated Retail Electricity Prices for 2020-21, which determines the prices regional Queenslanders will pay for their electricity bills in 2020-21.
  • The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) Determination on Ergon Energy and Energex’s Tariff Structure Statements for 2020-25 – which will inform the structure of the electricity tariffs that all Queenslanders will be charged for electricity from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2025.
  • The AER Determination on the Default Market Offer for 2020-21 – which will determine how much South East Queensland households on standing offers will pay for electricity in 2020-21, and also decide the base price that electricity retailers can then discount their offers.

The first step will be a submission to the AER in January 2020, with submissions to the QCA to follow in early 2020. While these consultations are often complex and technical, the outcomes of these decisions can have a big impact on people’s bills.​  If you would like to contribute, QCOSS will be holding consumer advocacy workshops to get input. Please contact Senior Policy Officer Luke Reade for more information.

18 November 2019 |Focus area: