Raising awareness of poverty in Queensland

Media Release                                         16 October       

Raising awareness of poverty in Queensland 

Australia’s poverty rate remains above the OECD average.  And approximately 430,000 people in Queensland live in poverty.  

This week, anti-poverty week, seeks to raise awareness of the issues and solutions associated with poverty. 

“The causes and impacts of poverty look different for different people,” said Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) CEO Mark Henley.  “And every part of life is impacted.” 

“In a wealthy country such as Australia we should all be able to live with dignity.  We should not have people living in poverty and we do.” 

QCOSS looks at population indicators of wellbeing in five domain areas: health, safety, affordable living, family and connectedness and lifelong learning. 

“Looking at the big picture helps us see systemic issues that are impacting on people’s wellbeing or poverty across the state.  Most importantly it helps us measure if the changes we make are actually impacting people for the better. 

“For anti-poverty week we have highlighted some indicators that begin to paint a picture of what poverty looks like in Queensland – and we are finding that Queenslanders are surprised by the statistics.” 

Did you know:

  • that 47 percent of Queensland’s low-income households are living in housing stress (spending more than 30 per cent of their income on housing costs)?*
  • that this is the highest proportion of low income households of anywhere in Australia?*
  • that 46 per cent of parents surveyed said they had experienced financial stress in the past 12 months?*
  • that based on access, affordability and ability Queensland has a low digital literacy score compared to other Australian states and territories?

“We all need to work together to address these numbers.  It is critical to support every person represented by these numbers!” 

QCOSS’ full infographic for anti-poverty week is here.


Anti-poverty week events are being held around the state this week to raise awareness about poverty in Australia.  More information here

*references can be found here.

For more than 50 years QCOSS has been a leading force for social change to eliminate poverty and disadvantage. With members throughout Queensland, QCOSS supports a strong community service sector.




QCOSS Communication Manager – Karen Murphy 0423 245 252


In a wealthy country such as Australia we should all be able to live with dignity. We should not have people living in poverty and we do.