Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative

What is the Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative? 

The Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative aims to provide additional study support to early childhood education and care educators in priority rural and remote areas of Queensland to gain approved early childhood qualifications. The Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative has three separate but integrated elements, including the: 


Background to the Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative 

The different programs of the Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative are contained within the Queensland Government Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Workforce Action Plan (WAP) 2016-2019, which has been developed in consultation with the sector, has a vision for the ECEC workforce to be seen as ‘professional, qualified and valued’. 

ECEC services in remote areas face particular challenges in recruiting suitably qualified educators, growing the capability of their educators and building capacity within their communities. These challenges, coupled with new legislative requirements, make it vital that ECEC educators in isolated areas are given support to upskill and complete their qualifications. 

By enhancing workforce planning, retention and upskilling of educators in these services, the initiative aims to support the delivery of high quality early childhood education and care in priority rural and remote communities, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.    


The objectives of the Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative 

  • To work in partnership with early childhood services and Approved Providers to ensure the best training outcomes for rural and remote Early Childhood Teachers and Educators. 

  • To increase and retain the number of qualified Early Childhood Educators and Teachers in rural and remote Queensland. 

  • To offer a range of additional study support to rural and remote students, including scholarships, to increase the number of qualified staff. 

  • To assist rural and remote services to meet new legislative requirements for Early Childhood Teachers. 


What opportunities are available to rural and remote early childhood services in priority locations? 

  • rural and remote training partnership programs, initiatives and resources 

  • training and study support initiatives and programs 

  • relief support for Rural and Remote Early Childhood Teacher scholarship recipients 

  • participate in professional conversations with registered training organisations, higher education and learning and development providers. 


What opportunities are available to rural and remote early childhood educators in priority locations? 

  • training and skills development program 

  • professional development mapping competencies to speed up training outcomes 

  • network opportunities and coaching and mentoring opportunities 

  • case management of study progress and support. 


Who is eligible for the program?

The Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative will be delivered in priority Queensland rural and remote communities identified by the Department of Education and Training, and will target the following ECEC services and/or educators employed in these services:

  • as a priority, approved ECEC centre-based education and care services under the Education and Care National Law or the Queensland Education and Care Services Act (2013), and secondly,
  • ECEC services that may not be approved but are Queensland Government funded, for example children and family centres, children and family hubs, and some playgroups, outside school hours and vacation care services.
  • Early childhood educators employed in one of these services in a priority Queensland rural and remote community, currently holding a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care or equivalent which is approved by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

Priority Queensland Rural and Remote Communities

To be able to see all the Rural and Remote Communities that are elegible for this Workforce Initiative, please download the list here


Download the Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative Fact Sheet here


Further information 

For more information about the Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative please phone the QCOSS Rural and Remote Workforce Initiative team, on (07) 3004 6928; or visit the QCOSS website or email the team on [email protected]