Sector capacity building

QCOSS seeks to build the capacity of the sector and its service users through information sharing, online tools and resources, events, and multimedia content.

Through this work we also provide advice to the Queensland Government on the sector’s strengths and impacts of reforms, as well as where organisations’ capacity to respond to reform and achieve outcomes for Queenslanders could be enhanced through investing in capacity building initiatives or adjusting reform initiatives. Our current priorities include:

Information sharing
Sharing information on government reforms, community events, funding opportunities, best practice, and latest research relevant to the community services sector and its service users, via QCOSS Focal point and our online presence.

Human Services Quality Framework
QCOSS is currently supporting organisations who are involved in the next phase of the roll-out of the Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF). This support will include two rounds of workshops, tools, resources, information sharing and one-on-one support.

Communication from QCOSS, including an invitation to the first round of workshops, has been sent to impacted organisations.

More information about the framework, transition arrangements and the tools and resources available can be found on the Human Services Quality Framework page of the Community Door website. 

To find out more please contact QCOSS on 07 3004 6900.

Community services renewal
Supporting funded organisations to proactively prepare for services being reviewed and to place themselves and their communities in a strong position to achieve the best possible outcomes through the renewal process.

Strength and sustainability of sector organisations
Through community sector events and multimedia content, support organisations to build their capacity for: responding to change; financial capacity and planning; innovative practice, coordination and collaboration; and service model redesign.  QCOSS conducts workshops to support community based organisations' understanding of their current position and provide appropriate tools and resources to build organisational capacity.

Demonstrating outcomes
Continue to support the sector’s ability to demonstrate the impact and value of its work. Throughout 2015 this work will involve bringing together the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and the sector to co-design a suite of core program level outcomes.  QCOSS is conducting workshops and one-on-one support to community based organisations to align outcomes to client goals. This work will be supported by a number of online platforms to increase the capacity for regional participation.

Understanding the client experience
QCOSS is currently exploring how service users’ stories and experiences can be harvested to inform system change and how service providers can gain a better understanding of clients’ experiences with the service system from beginning to end. QCOSS will conduct workshops and provide one-on-one support to community based organisations and their service users to build greater capacity for consumer engagement.

Consumer access to concessions
Ensuring that organisations that support low-income households and individuals have access to relevant information about the range of subsidies and concessions available to them to help clients lower their cost of living.

Sector capacity tracking
Engaging with organisations to develop an understanding of the strengths in the community services sector, how organisations are working with their clients today and peoples’ beliefs about how current reforms will affect their work in the future. Through this engagement we seek to inform our advice to government and to plan and prioritise the support we offer into the future.

For our upcoming events see QCOSS events.

QCOSS seeks to build the capacity of the sector and its service users through information sharing, online tools and resources, events, and multimedia content.