Seeing the signs!

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Having founded Sanctuary Family Solutions in early 2017, Managing Co-Director Kerri Gibson wanted to understand her local family support services better and find a role her organisation could take up in the community that supported the NDIS.

“QCOSS has been wonderfully beneficial to myself and Sanctuary Family Solutions during our process of becoming NDIS providers,” Kerri said.  “It has given us some valuable insight and networking opportunities for our new venture.”

Kerri attended QCOSS’ Changing Lives, Changing Communities forum looking to understand the overall goals of the NDIS in Townsville, its challenges since its rollout, and to connect with other service providers in her area. During conversations with NDIS participants Kerri identified a gap within the local area.

“I saw there was a need for a whole of community approach to staff training in several areas including awareness around disability, diversity, mental health and trauma,” Kerri said.

“The discussion focused on the need for Auslan training in schools, companies and organisations that provide direct contact with members of the community. We thought it was an issue that could be addressed in many organisations and settings.”

Kerri’s idea of the ‘whole of community’ training was discussed further at one of the round table sessions and from it developed into the Inclusiveness Awareness Training program.

“Through the new Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF), we thought it would be wonderful if this type of training was mandatory for all staff and management in community service organisations.

The QCOSS website was a great resource on several occasions to assist Kerri and her team work through the HSQF process, and with training staff on inclusivity.

“It was an ongoing task for the Sanctuary Family Solutions staff and I to identity what training opportunities are already out in the community, and where we can provide new and targeted training.

“We are also aiming to see where funding opportunities lie to assist with developing an appropriate training plan and package to present and market to the broader community.”

Kerri has taken on the role of overseeing the Inclusiveness Awareness Training project and has since attended a follow-up forum.

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