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Gold Coast Homelessness Network

QCOSS is an active partner in the Gold Coast Homelessness Network - an incorporated body working to support people to end homelessness on [...]

12 August 2021|Project

Report: State of the sector

Queensland’s community sector works to improve the quality of life of people accessing their services, as well as the wider community. As per the [...]

12 August 2021|Publication

State Budget 2021-2022: Our response

With more than $2.9 billion committed towards social housing in today’s state budget, we welcome the Queensland Government’s commitment to addressing Queensland’s housing crisis.

15 June 2021|Publication

Place-based Homelessness Advice project

QCOSS is partnering with the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy (DCHDE) to deliver the Place-based Homelessness Advice project (PHAP). By bringing [...]

9 June 2021|Project

Town of Nowhere

Queensland’s current housing crisis is now affecting a population larger than 96% of the state’s towns. Today, tens of thousands of people don’t have [...]

4 June 2021|Post