Staff profile: Carly Hyde, Policy Lead

  • Photograph of Policy Lead, Carly Hyde
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Carly Hyde is Policy Lead in the Policy, Advocacy and Capacity team. Her team is currently focussed on cost of living issues, and it’s an area she’s passionate about.

Having just returned from parental leave, it was full speed ahead during her first week with an appearance at a senate inquiry into credit and financial services targeted towards Australians at risk of financial hardship. She says it was an amazing opportunity to get some movement around policy in that space.

“When people are unable to cover the cost of essentials, they often either go without, or get trapped in a debt cycle – both of which can have a significant impact on their health, their relationships and community connectedness,” she says.

“In regional areas it is especially tough because everything costs more and there can be issues with access to affordable transport, healthcare and employment as well.”

Carly has been with QCOSS for five years, and brought with her a wealth of experience in renewable energy projects and policy development from her previous work at the Queensland Government. She says there’s never been an opportunity to get bored.

“Everyone is hugely passionate, and our scope of work is so broad that there is always something or someone to energise you.”

21 October 2019