Staff profile: Dietmar Frick, Information and Communications Technology Coordinator

  • A portrait photo of Dietmar Frick, QCOSS ICT Coordinator.
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Dietmar Frick is the Information and Communications Technology Coordinator in the Organisational Services team.

“QCOSS is just a great org to work for,” he says. “People have common goals and work towards them in a humble manner.”

As the resident QCOSS tech guru, Dietmar makes sure the technology available aligns with the business. He says it’s crucial to enable the organisation and staff to do their work as efficiently as possible.

“When we migrated successfully to Office 365 and implemented SharePoint, QCOSS was been one of the first orgs to take advantage of Microsoft’s non-profit pricing a couple of years ago, saving the organisation heaps of money,” he says, adding the tight financials in the non-profit space sometimes require a creative approach.

Dietmar previously worked with Deutsche Telekom as an IT Systems Electrician before coming to Australia as an international student to finish his degree in Business Information Systems at Griffith University.

He is currently working on implementing a digital timesheet and rostering system, as well as investigating intranet improvements, including the collaboration tool Microsoft teams, and a more flexible and future-proofed Cloud Telephony solution.

One of his proudest moments with QCOSS, he says, was being able to apply successfully for the Community Benefit Fund grant on two occasions during his nine years with the organisation. On both occasions the money facilitated major equipment upgrades which would not have otherwise been possible.

2 July 2019