Staff profile: Fiona Hunt - QCOSS Senior Project Officer

Fiona Hunt is a Senior Project Officer with the Community Capacity and Engagement team, and currently leads the Human Services Quality Framework support across Queensland.

With more than 20 years in community services, Fiona brings to QCOSS a wealth of experience in community development, homelessness responses, mental health and housing.

“Working in small organisations, government and large community services has given me a broad perspective on how systems work… I also spent ten years in neighbourhood centres and particularly love the local leadership and community participation found there,” she says.

Fiona says the scope of QCOSS - to influence change at all levels - and the high value placed on partnerships is what drew her to the organisation.

She says that QCOSS’s approach to collaboration empowers people to create change in their communities and have their voices heard around the “big issues”.

“QCOSS supports community services to continue their good work, to meet their compliance requirements and to feel confident in what they do,” she says. “By working with organisations and communities across Queensland we get to hear what is important to people and represent these concerns and aspirations in decision making forums.”

Fiona says one of her proudest moments with QCOSS was “leading the IMS Neighbourhood Centre consultation and advocating for reform and funding for these vital organisations”.