Staff profile: Rodney Holmes, Senior Policy Officer

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Rodney Holmes is a Senior Policy Officer in the Policy, Advocacy and Capacity team. He is currently working on our generalist policy work, encompassing housing and renting, income support, welfare, transport and justice.

“I also lead our contribution to a lived experience framework which includes working with key stakeholders like the Anti-Poverty Network,” he says.

An avid movie watcher and collector who has been ranking and rating “for nearly 20 years”, Rodney also found time to complete a Master of Politics and Policy before joining QCOSS two years ago.

“Social policy is critically important because of its impact on people who often do not have power or agency,” he says. “Government policies are often framed around failed ‘trickle-down’ market economics, leaving people on low incomes trapped in broken systems that cause and extend harm.”

Rodney has worn many hats across his working life, with experience in production engineering, quality management, consulting, and 13 years in positions across the community sector.

“Since joining, I have found a strong resonance with the values and priorities of the QCOSS mission and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of a highly qualified team of professionals with diverse expertise – who are also great fun to work with!”

He says one of his proudest moments at QCOSS was the publication of the Housing Position Statement.

“It was a culmination of six months’ research, analysis, internal and external consultation.

“It formed the foundation for multiple policy projects such as the QCOSS Renting Position Statement, Energy Efficiency Minimum Standards, and contributed to the ‘Make Renting Fair’ campaign.”

30 July 2019