Staff profile: Stacey De Calmer, Senior Community Capacity Officer

  • Portrait photo of QCOSS Senior Community Capacity Officer Stacey De Calmer
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Stacey De Calmer is a Senior Community Capacity Officer, focussing on place-based work and Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) support.

“Place-based work is a great way to invite the participation of communities into shaping their own future, and to take hold of power,” she says.

“I think it’s incredibly important for communities to model this participation for our youngest citizens – those who will be making decisions in the future.”

The launch of the place-based guide and toolkit was one of her proudest moments during her two years with QCOSS.

“So much combined effort went into the creation of this document and toolkit, and to hear feedback that it’s useful has been great,“ she says.

Stacey has spent most of her working life in non-profit organisations, supporting the Community Services workforce through the coordination and delivery of professional development and network facilitation, and providing quality framework and leadership support to early childhood education and care services.

Raised in Central Queensland, Stacey says she has a soft spot for regional communities and often finds herself back there doing bits and pieces of work.

“Supporting services to work in alignment with the HSQF gives QCOSS an opportunity to work with services on the ground to be quality services, but it also allows for us to fulfil our role as a conduit back to government about issues or challenges services are encountering, and how we might be able to work together to strengthen the sector.”

8 August 2019