Strengthening our Place…an update

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Here are the latest updates for our Strengthening our Place projects


The Capricornia Leadership Group are currently discussing professional development opportunities to support collaborative work in Central Queensland.  If you are interested in being a part of these opportunities, please subscribe to receive place-based updates.

Fraser Coast

There will be a place-based forum next week in Hervey Bay.  The purpose of the forum will be to bring together the leaders of the various initiatives and explore: “How can we plan and work together to better support Fraser Coast families and community?”.


CSIA have released a new report, Commissioning for Outcomes, which highlights the need for investing in people in place.  When we are addressing complex issues affecting a community, we need to use accurate and current data, foster trusting and collaborative relationships locally and evaluate the impact we have using current investment. These elements are made more accurate and impactful when we have a focus on people in place.

5 July 2018 |Focus area: