Strengthening our update

In April our focus for Strengthening our Place is sitting with the case studies QCOSS is working on with community organisations and members to document our learnings through this work. No two communities are the same, but many of our learnings about place-based work are useful to consider alongside other communities. Often, our learnings have been about our approach and the structures we place around place-based work, and so the purpose of these case studies will be to showcase achievements, note significant realisations, and speak openly about the challenges of place-based work.

We are creating a case study for both Capricornia and Fraser Coast, working with local organisations and individuals to explore many common questions about place-based work. Using video, photographs, interviews and written work, we will explore community understanding of what place-based work is, the significance of country and relationships, and what value place-based work has had for them and their community. These case studies will be available for viewing at the QCOSS Conference, so if you are registered for Movement for Change we hope to share our learnings with you! If not, these case studies will be available via our website in May.  

By the end of April we will have also finalized our evaluation plan for Strengthening our Place, and this will form the basis for another resource which will be available on our website shortly after. The advocacy and funding of place-based approaches depends heavily on how well we are able to evidence the impact of this way of working, so the creation of an evaluation framework that community will be able to pick up and use to measure their own place-based approaches is one way that we can support this work.

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