Strengthening our update

What's been happening?

The Strengthening our Place Project continues to deliver for the communities of Fraser Coast and Capricornia.

Fraser Coast

The Fraser Coast Leadership Group has been working to develop a program logic for the work they will deliver in 2018. This process has been key for ensuring all stakeholders in the Fraser Coast Leadership Group contribute to and understand the direction of Strengthening our Place in their community. With so many stakeholders involved, this process has ensured that shared outcomes are made visible, and potential shared activities are given the platform they need to get off the ground.


The Local Level Alliance (LLA), Communities for Children, Every Child CQ and Strengthening our Place project team met in April in Rockhampton to map shared outcomes and consider opportunities for 2018. This meeting was an important testing for further work for the Capricornia Leadership Group who will be exploring shared outcomes within the child and family support sector further at the end of April.

Whole of Initiative

Evaluation! We are continuing to work on our evaluation framework for this initiative, which will include an analysis of the partnership between QCOSS and QFCC. Strengthening our place has provided opportunity to evaluate the professional culture and collaborative work of the child and family support sector in Central Queensland, but also the way in which government and peaks can work together. The continuing evaluation of working relationships is important, particularly in place based work where professional relationships will have a lasting impact on community – whether they work well, or not!