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QCOSS membership application

Please provide us with the following information to help us keep you informed and get in contact with you.

You have the opportunity to register yourself, or as many employees of your organisation as you would like to receive information from QCOSS. Just add them in the fields provided.

Postal Address

Street address

Please ensure this email address is correct as it will be used to contact you.

Signing and agreement

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you intend to apply for membership of the Queensland Council of Social Service Ltd (QCOSS) and agree to be bound by the QCOSS Constitution if accepted as a member.

Application process

The Board, in considering applications for membership, may (but are not required to):

  1. consider such information as is provided by an applicant;
  2. make such other enquiries (including of referees) regarding the reputation, qualifications, skills and experience of the applicant as it considers to be appropriate;
  3. meet (either collectively or individually) with each applicant; and
  4. if practicable, arrange for the applicant to meet at least one Member other than those Members who are members of the Board.


After your application has been submitted we will verify your details, and contact you to provide an invoice.

While Credit Card is our preferred payment method, alternative options can be arranged on request. To discuss or arrange an alternative, please contact us - Telephone: 07 3004 6900, or Email: [email protected]