The NDIA price guides are out!

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The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has released the 2018/19 Price Guide(link is external) which will come into effect Sunday 1 July.

The update is more significant this year as the NDIA starts to implement the new arrangements that were recommended by an Independent Pricing Review(link is external) (IPR).

Price Increases

  • 7.6% price increase for standard intensity attendant care (i.e. with daily personal activities and assistance with community participation). This is a combination of:
    • A new 2.5% Temporary Support Overhead (TSO) loading, intended to support providers with their overhead costs during the transition period. This is just for 2018/19 and will drop down to 1.25% next financial year.
    • 5.14% increase in prices to take into account increases in the SCHCADS (3.50%) Award and the Equal Remuneration Order (2.27%).
  • 5.14% price increase for high intensity attendant care as the TSO does not apply.
  • 2.1% increase for capacity building support based on national Wage Price Index. This is in line with last years’ increase though unlike last year, this price increase also applies to therapists.
  • $2 per hour increase for centre-based group supports to support providers meeting increased costs associated with delivering care in a facility.

New Items

The NDIA have filled some gaps in the Price Guide with the introduction of price limits for new ratios:

  • 1:3 ratios in Short Term Accommodation
  • 1:4 and 1:5 ratios in both standard and high intensive community-based group supports

Community Engagement Assistance ($42.59): A brand new item: “Program to empower participants and improve interactions between participants and their social networks. Assistance to engage effectively in the community through a group approach to help achieve goals, gain insight into their lives and make informed decisions.”

Travel and Cancellations

  • Clarifying participants’ paying for cost of own travel: The Price Guide also provides what will be a welcome clarification for many providers: providers can negotiate with participants to pay for the cost of their transport in addition to the support worker’s time.
  • Greater scope for cancellations: providers can now charge up to 90% of the service booking price for short notice cancellations (i.e. after 3pm the day before) up to a maximum of 12 per year for Core supports (up from 8) and 6 per hours per year for therapy (up from 4).

What else?

  • Expansion on Support Coordination roles: The Price Guide includes the most extensive descriptions of the three different types of Support Coordination that we have seen to date.
  • Easy to read Core supports tables: The layout of attendant care prices have also been helpfully updated so it is now set out as a matrix where all the relevant times and ratios are on one sheet, e.g.
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