The QCOSS 2020 State Election Scorecard

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While all politicians may speak of benefitting all Queenslanders, people experiencing vulnerability in our state need sustained commitment. 

QCOSS’ election priorities statement, drafted in consultation with our member organisations, lays out seven tangible policies that would support the wellbeing and resilience of all Queenslanders, support local economies by creating jobs, and ensure the social services sector can provide support to those who need it. 

Over the past month, QCOSS has met with representatives from the political parties contesting the state election on 31 October. We’ve quizzed each party on their commitment to Queenslanders experiencing vulnerability, and the community service sector that support and work with them.  

QCOSS has studied the answers of the political parties and has scored them against our seven priority policies. Here’s a snapshot: 

QCOSS and the community services sector looks forward to working closely with whichever party forms government post-31 October to ensure the best outcomes for all Queenslanders and our sector.  

You can read through the full individual responses from each political party below: 

Australian Labor Party, Queensland Branch 

Liberal National Party 

Queensland Greens 

21 October 2020 |Focus area: , |Location: