Top five resources for help with housing in Queensland

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Need help with a housing or homelessness issue in Queensland? There are lots of organisations that can help with housing needs across Queensland and there are many ways that your local community services can help if you need assistance. Below are some organisations that are funded to help you navigate your way to the help that you need:

1. Homelessness services – If you’re experiencing homelessness, or are at risk of homelessness, including experiencing domestic and family violence, you can call the Homelessness Hotline on 1800 474 753. This is a statewide service funded to help you find local supports such as Crisis Accommodation Providers and Specialist Homelessness Services. The call centre staff can assist in providing more options for your specific needs and location.

2. Ask Izzy – Ask Izzy is a website and app that can assist you to search for nearby shelters, housing, food, health care and homeless information. It shows the contact information for services near you with a map to help you see where they are located. The information is sourced by the service providers and Ask Izzy try their best to stay up to date as much as possible.

3. Tenants Queensland – If you have a tenancy-related issue, Tenants Queensland has a free advice line called ‘QSTARS’ – 1300 744 263. The line is open for tenants between 9:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday, with extended hours until 7:00pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tenants Queensland can provide information, support, and advice on your rights as a renter. Tenants Queensland also have a suite of fact sheets with common tenancy issues affecting people in Queensland, including information for tenants affected by floods or fire, resolving tenancy disputes, repairs and maintenance, bonds and so much more. There are also videos providing tenants with tips on resolving tenancy disputes and understanding the dispute process.

4. Domestic, family and sexual violence – DVConnect helps Queenslanders escape domestic, family and sexual violence. The service provides emergency transport and safe accommodation, as well as crisis counselling and information since 2002. The hotline is 1800 811 811 and us open 24/7.

5. Queensland Government – The Queensland Government website has a range of resources to help people in Queensland.

  • Community Support: This website provides information for a wide range of community services including contact information for Neighbourhood and Community Centres across Queensland. Neighbourhood centres are there to support everyone in their local community and provide a friendly, approachable, supportive environment to seek further assistance.
  • Housing support: This website provides contact information for all the Department of Housing and Public Works Housing Service Centres across Queensland. These centres provide a range of information for housing supports including RentConnect which helps Queenslanders struggling to access the private rental market due to non-financial barriers, such as limited rental history or a lack of documents required for private rental applications. There is also bond loans and rental grants available and much more.
12 February 2020