This week in review - 10 August 2017

Mark Henley

QCOSS out and about in August, September and October

QCOSS will be hosting numerous events during the next three months and no doubt coming to an area near you.  

Starting next week we will hold 22 small-group sessions offering tips on completing your Skilling Queenslanders for Work application.  

Following these we will host seven regional community events to ‘Switch On … in your community’, helping the community to get out of the dark with their electricity bills and learn how to save money. Short information sessions will be coupled with opportunities to have a conversation about energy bills, learn how to read bills, how to work out the cost of using appliances and sharing tips for saving energy.

These are following extensive consultations we have just held around neighbourhood centres in Queensland.

It is so good to be able to get out and speak with you and hear from you as we move around the state.


10 August 2017