This week in review - 14 June 2018

Mark Henley

State Budget

It has been a busy week with the state budget handed down on Tuesday.  It was a budget with strong investment on infrastructure and job creation.  While there were some good investments announced the disappointment of the budget is the lack of focus on community.  The funding for the Human Rights Act for Queensland was undoubtedly the highlight along with increased funding to support people back into work through Skilling Queenslanders for Work and Back to Work programs.  It was also pleasing to see funding for remote housing and we urge the state government to continue their negotiations with the Federal Government to play their part.  If that is not successful, we caution against robbing Peter to pay Paul by reducing the Housing Construction Job Program of social housing construction.  Many organisations will be interested to note that funding indexation is 2.625%.

Our detailed analysis will be available tomorrow following the our state budget breakfast with the Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships.

Homelessness compact

Last week I attended a pre-engagement session about developing a Homelessness Compact.  It was held by the Department of Housing and Public Works with the goal of wanting to start a conversation and develop an agreement that is between homelessness service providers that they fund and the Department of Housing and Public Works.  I believe this is an essential document that should be in place to guide how we work in partnership.  As I said it was an initial meeting but I will keep you posted.


Mark Henley
Chief Executive Officer