This week in review - 17 January 2019

Mark Henley

Happy new year
Welcome to 2019 everyone. From what we have on the go already here, it looks like it is going to be another very big and exciting year. Late last year, QCOSS signed onto Australia Remade – a vision for Australia in which we are the best version of us. A vision that we can believe in, strive for, dream of and work towards. This is our resolution to you all for 2019 – we hope you will join us to help create a Queensland Remade. To use their words – this is our time!!! A time when we lift each other up with a picture of what is possible and hold each other in hope when things get discouraging; when we join together to demand change and stay together when things get hard.  

As if this wasn’t enough - this year QCOSS will be also be celebrating 60 years! The first meeting of Queensland Council of Social Service was held on 1 September 1959. The social change that has happened in Queensland during those six decades has been enormous and I am sure will be similarly epic for the next six. Throughout the year will be both celebrating what has been achieved and the amazing hope we have for the future of every person in every community in Queensland.
Already we have booked in our next Changing Lives, Changing Communities events - Gold Coast on 5 & 6 March and Gladstone on 2 & 3 May (more info below). Our Energy Savvy Families partners are also in the midst of planning forums to help their communities better manage their energy bills.  
I can also ask you to save the date for the QCOSS Conference which will be held on 12 & 13 September on the Sunshine Coast (more to come on that in the next few weeks).  
There is no doubt QCOSS will be out and about in force this year and we look forward to meeting you all and continuing a conversation for positive social change.

Australia Day
There is much controversy about celebrating our national day on January 26 – the day of colonisation. As part of our commitment to the self determination of our First Nations Peoples, we have offered QCOSS staff the opportunity to work on Australia day and celebrate Australia at a time of their choosing. This will be a personal choice for each staff member. It is only a small step but one that recognises it is time for us to consider what it is to be Australian and how we wish to celebrate.

North West Minerals Province
We are very excited to be working in the North West Minerals Province to support the development of a Community Resilience Strategy and Action Plan. We will be working across the community to support regionally-driven activities to sustain and grow community wellbeing – you can read more about this project here. We are looking for an extraordinary Senior Community Capacity Officer to drive this work in Mount Isa – read more about that on the QCOSS website and please feel free to contact me if you are interested or have questions.

Laura Barnes
Acting Chief Executive Officer