This week in review - 21 September 2018

Mark Henley

QCOSS Community Engagement

We have had a busy time at QCOSS during the last few weeks – though a very productive one!  In the last two weeks we have visited more than 20 different communities in many different roles, to learn, listen, inform, update, upskill and bring back your valuable knowledge and experience to feed into our advocacy work.  I know I always get a lot from engaging with the various communities and I am looking forward to being with you in the upcoming Changing Lives, Changing Communities events in October, November and December.

Regional Board Member nominations

You may have already nominated, but if not, and you are in the regions, please consider nominating for the QCOSS board. Here is the link to all of the information you need for the nomination.  Nominations close on Wednesday 26 September.

Toll Inquiry

The response to the Queensland Toll Enquiry has been released.  While the recommendations are not bad we are deeply disappointed with the Transport and Public Works Committee’s report into the operations of toll roads in Queensland as we don’t believe the recommendations go far enough.  QCOSS believes that transport is an essential service and should be accessible for all to use.  Roads are community assets underpinning many aspects of community and personal wellbeing.  
Reform is needed to make this essential service fair, reasonable and simple. Escalating debt from tolling charges and fees trap people, with devastating consequences for wellbeing. Wellbeing should come before profit.  
The recommendations made by the committee do little to improve outcomes for many of Queensland’s road users who are made vulnerable due to affordability issues. We believe the Queensland Government must give further consideration to the recommendations put forward in our submission to:

-Integrate transport planning and limit toll roads  
-Make the system fair, reasonable, simple and clear
-Support those in financial hardship.

Mark Henley
Chief Executive Officer