This week in review - 27 July 2017

Mark Henley

Child and Family Policy and Advocacy Network kicks off

QCOSS and PeakCare hosted the first of many meetings this week with a group of interested sector representatives engaging in the newly-established Child and Family Policy and Advocacy Network.  This group has formed in response to the changing and expanding child protection and family support sector. Government continues to develop and implement policy reforms that directly impact on the work of the community sector.  It is important that the sector takes a lead in this work to ensure that the supports and responses for children and their families are appropriately targeted and where it will make the greatest impact.  This policy/advocacy network has been initiated as an opportunity to;

  • engage in regular dialogue about emerging and shared policy issues
  • facilitate identification of common policy issues and opportunities for complementary positions
  • strengthen policy advocacy in the sector
  • extend consultation and engagement about key policy changes and reform directions.

We will keep you updated on progress.

QCOSS State Conference 2017 - Dream it. Do it.

Partners are already on board. We welcome partners Mission Australia and AGL to our state conference this year – Dream it. Do it.  We will also be welcoming speakers Belinda Bell from Social Ventures UK, Cambridge University; Richard Denniss from the Australia Institute, Desert Pea Media, the Puuya Foundation, Logan Together, Social Benefit Bonds, and Social Enterprise, along with much much more.  You can see latest updates on the conference website.  We are very excited about the program to date as it will set a great platform for future work across our communities.  

National COSS network

Last week I caught up with my COSS counterparts from around Australia.  It was a great opportunity to share the work that is happening across the nine organisations.  We are working on some exciting pieces of work which I will be keen to share with you in the very near future.  If we are to truly make an impact on addressing poverty and disadvantage in Queensland and Australia we need to ensure we work closely.  This is particularly relevant as time goes on, especially when issues emerge such as the Centrelink debt collection work, Anti-Poverty Week and the cashless welfare card.  More on this in the near future!


Mark Henley
Chief Executive Officer