This week in review - 29 November 2019

Mark Henley

Domestic and Family Violence

Over the next two editions of Focal Point we will focus on the prevention of domestic and family violence. This is to recognise White Ribbon Day and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. I hope you find value in the stories we have pulled together for this special section.

Consultation and Submission on Human Rights Bill

As per previous communication, QCOSS strongly supports the introduction of a Human Rights Act in Queensland. We made a submission on Monday to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee (Committee) confirming support for the Human Rights Bill and included recommendations to strengthen the Bill. You can read our submission here.  

Over the past week we have hosted two events for the public and the community sector so both can understand the rights and obligations of the proposed Bill. Based on the interest and questioning there is much to be learned and importantly, our knowledge of it and the implications are critical.  

Launch of Queensland Place-based Community of Practice

Last week as part of Changefest QCOSS launched the Queensland Place-based Community of Practice. The purpose of the Community of Practice is to bring together people who share an interest in place-based approaches and are keen to learn, contribute and connect around this important way of working. As part of our two-year action plan on place-based approaches, QCOSS wants to facilitate this learning, contribution and connection in a meaningful way. It is for everyone to own and design! With over 50 people from a variety of different places, we got straight into work at the launch, working toward a shared understanding of what makes a good community of practice. We will be feeding that back in the next few weeks. If you are interested in joining, please complete this form.

QCOSS welcomes new Board Chair

Last edition we welcomed new board members and I am happy now to announce the new QCOSS Chair is Matt Gardiner. Matt has been on the QCOSS Board for a number of years and brings with him into the position of chair a range of experience that will be invaluable to QCOSS and the role. We look forward to working with Matt in this role. Read more here.

Changing Lives, Changing Communities 

I have just been at Changing Lives Changing Communities in Brisbane. This has come hot on the heels of Mount Isa and Cairns and will be followed next week by Caboolture. By the end of 2018 QCOSS, QDN, and ADCQ will have delivered nine two-day events in nine different communities, discussing in detail how communities can create a place where everyone contributes, matters and belongs! I can say that it has been a great journey in each and every event and people come together to hear different perspectives, to consider their own community and the actions they can now take to make a difference. For those of us fortunate to have been at more than one it has been an inspiring journey. There have been tremendous moments at each and every event where some people have shared that the forums have been the most impactful they have ever participated in. People have been inspired to talk about what they want, are doing, and are prepared to do, for the community in which they live. One of my takeaways is from Cairns, where we learned from the stories that “Inclusion comes from the heart not from the head - it’s about feeling hope.” Something that I think we can all learn from. I look forward to the four events scheduled for next year as well and hope you will join us then.

Mark Henley

Chief Executive Officer