This week in review - 30 November 2017

Mark Henley

Queensland election
As we wait for the final outcome of the state election to unfold, QCOSS has already started looking towards the future and how best we can engage with ministers and MPs. Both Labor and the LNP have said publicly that they are really wanting to listen and engage with Queenslanders, which are both key asks of QCOSS and we will be doing everything we can to assist an incoming government do just that.  We, and many others, were disappointed at the lack of discussion about a vision for Queensland and how parties would commit to that. We are analysing commitments and while we did provide an overview last week, a more detailed overview will be available in the coming weeks. 
Yesterday morning we held the QCOSS Annual General Meeting.  During the meeting we confirmed the nominees to the board in Gerry Weatherall and Richard Johnson, and welcomed Nadia Currie as a special board appointment.  Reports were given and can be found online in our Annual Report. Congratulations to Gerry, Richard and Nadia on their appointments.

We were fortunate to have Human Rights Commissioner Ed Santow speak and provide great insight into the issues being faced by the LGBTIQ community beyond changes to the marriage law, the potential benefits of Australia ratifying Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture, insights on a Human Rights Act and a number of other topics.
Ed's presentation was once again a reminder to be creative and keep testing what is happening in the world against our principles and values, and to stand up for human rights whereever and whenever the need arises. His presentation will be on StudioQ in the coming weeks.

Marriage equality
Changes to the marriage act passed the upper house on Wednesday afternoon.  This provides an excellent chance that the changes will pass into law this year.  This is an important step toward the outcome needed. 

Mark Henley
Chief Executive Officer

30 November 2017