This week in review - 31 January 2019

Mark Henley

Cashless debit card

The cashless debit card has launched in the Hinkler region this week. We have had national media during the past few days and will continue to oppose the card because of the mandatory nature of it and that it is fundamentally flawed approach to address complex health and social issues. We will monitor the impacts of the trial as it has been clear in other communities that it has been harmful and detrimental for individuals and their community. We have conducted a survey with the community in the area and the results are below.

Community of practice

Late last year we launched the Queensland Place-Based Community of Practice. We are excited to be moving forward with that this year as a key part of our place-based action plan you can read on the QCOSS website. We see place-based work as bringing together citizens in a place to address the complex needs of communities by harnessing the vision, resources and opportunities in each community. It is a long-term approach, that is collaborative giving power to the community in guiding systemic change, and contributing to a cycle of learning about investment and impact. You can read more about our community of practice on the QCOSS website.

Save the date!

While it feels like the year has just begun we have already locked in dates for our annual events. The state budget breakfast will be held on Friday 14 June and the QCOSS Conference will be held on 12 and 13 September. So, lock these dates in and we will provide you with more detail as the year unfolds.

North West Minerals Province

We are excited to be working with local champion organisations in Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Hervey Bay and Toowoomba to help local families manage their electricity costs. The local champions really make it easier for people to understand their bills and manage their energy costs. In February the local champions will be rolling our ‘bring your bills days’. As a result of this engagement in the past, we have seen people reduce their bills by hundreds of dollars, so their engagement has been beneficial. The details are on the QCOSS website.

Mark Henley
Chief Executive Officer