This week in review - 7 September 2017

Mark Henley

Welfare reform

The Australian Government is currently considering nine legislative changes that will further marginalise Australian’s and Queenslanders who receive income support.  QCOSS stands with a number of organsiations against these changes and asks that you take a stand as well.  The nine changes are:

  • Removing deemed claim provisions for people accessing income support, effectively cutting payments for people experiencing disadvantage
  • Doubling the Liquid Assets Waiting Period making some people wait 6 months before accessing an income support payment, affecting 13,800 people
  • Cutting the Bereavement Allowance by $1,300
  • Tightening compliance rules for people seeking work, which will cut social security payments for 83,000 people
  • Cutting the Energy Supplement, affecting 1.7 million people receiving income support payments
  • Cutting the Pensioner Education Supplement affecting 39,700 people, including single parents, Disability Support Pensioners and Carers
  • Cutting the Education Entry Payment, affecting 56,100 people
  • Denying some migrants a pension for up to 15 years, affecting 2,300 people
  • Cutting the GST Supplement for pensioners who spend more than six weeks overseas.

QCOSS believes that every Australian should have access to a safety net in times of need and not be demonised for accessing this support.  We also believe that the current Australian Government is waging a war against  some members of our community when they are at their most vulnerable.

To take a stand you can:

If you would like to discuss this issue or have any concerns about it please do not hesitate to contact me on .

More than safe

I would like to share with you this short video where Cheryl Vardon, Child Commissioner and I explain the intent of the More than safe commitment statement and its three core values: committed, connected and courageous.

Sign up to the More than safe commitment statement.  By taking ownership and working together we can build a sector-wide sense of personal responsibility for keeping Queensland’s children More than safe. When you sign up, you can specify exactly how you put the core values into action and demonstrate them through your individual work. I’d also encourage you to print your commitment statement and pin it to your wall as a daily reminder of why we do what we do.

The development of the More than safe statement is a key initiative of the Strengthening our sector strategy to build a proactive and positive culture in the way we work to support children and families.  Learn more about it here.

Mark Henley
Chief Executive Officer

7 September 2017