What’s the future of the Sunshine Coast community?

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What could the Sunshine Coast community be like in 2041? What will help the community to thrive and stay connected?

How will the community ensure that everyone is included?

These are the questions the Sunshine Coast community are reflecting on as they develop their Sunshine Coast Community Strategy 2041!

The strategy is being facilitated by Sunshine Coast Council who are partnering with QCOSS to help guide and support this important work.

This partnership will serve as a model for how local government can work with peak bodies and community services to deliver real social change within their communities.

This exciting initiative will set the vision and articulate the hopes which residents have for their community.

So far, the community have said they want the Sunshine Coast to be:

  • healthy and active
  • a place where everyone belongs
  • connected and resilient
  • smart and innovative, and
  • creative with a unique identity.

Some key feedback has included:

  • We want a strong community where you get the information you need, when you need it,
  • A sense of belonging means people feel at “home” and have a common or connected identity to “place”,
  • Everyone deserves a fair go – equity – access to housing, education, resources, services, jobs, information, and
  • We want inclusive growth. The community will change immensely in the next 20 years, so we have to ensure that residents feel connected. 

The project is being delivered in partnership with community members, community organisations, local businesses, the State Government and Federal Government.

Council will be hosting further community engagement over the next few months with the final strategy due for completion towards the end of 2019.

Sunshine Coast Council have a current strategy for working with their community, which this work will supersede at completion. To learn more about the strategy, visit the Sunshine Coast Council website.

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