While the budget was disappointing, the commitment given at the budget breakfast was not!

  • Hon Coralee O'Rourke and Minister Di Farmer speaking at the 2019 QCOSS Budget Breakfast.
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The five languages of love; existential irrelevance; and frank and honest conversations were all part of the budget discussion before 9:00am on Tuesday morning. 

Hon Coralee O’Rourke gave the keynote presentation outlining the key elements of the government’s budget this year.  Her clear commitment was to continue working with the community to progress the Thriving Communities initiative, acknowledging there was still a lot of work to do. 

ABC News presenter Matt Wordsworth then facilitated two panels discussing various aspects of the budget with questions from the floor. 

Questions about the NDIS; youth justice; cost of living; child safety and in many cases the intersection of these issues were asked with Ministers O’Rourke, Farmer and Bailey taking on the job of answering and setting out the government position – most of which is contained in the budget papers. 

Minister Farmer asked us as a sector to have the difficult conversations with them – and be frank and honest. They gave commitment to work with the sector to move forward on the agenda for thriving communities, and ensure that the wellbeing of all is front of mind.  

The second panel featured Professor Anne Tiernan, Dean (Engagement), Griffith Business School; Anita Veivers, Executive Director, Centacare FNQ; and Neil Willmett, Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council – their insights revealed a vastly different perspective on the budget.  

Conversation ensued about no new economic thinking; the loss of small local providers in the sector; the need to embrace ambition in what we are doing; and find existing connections to do this; the five languages of love; and concern that our economics will become existentially irrelevant. 

While the budget was disappointing, the commitment given at the budget breakfast was not! 

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