The Advance to Zero (AtoZ) campaign being run by a national collection of communities and organisations that are committed to ending all homelessness, starting with rough sleeping. Advance to Zero seeks to demonstrate that ending homelessness is possible in Australia.

The campaign is a collaboration between a broad range of communities, organisations and individuals that are committed to ending homelessness.

In Queensland, QCOSS are supporters of Brisbane Zero, Gold Coast Zero and Logan Zero.

Brisbane Zero

The Brisbane Zero Campaign seeks to reduce homelessness for individuals and families rough sleeping by 2025. This includes the people we know by name rough sleeping outside on the streets, in parks, tents or cars and those sleeping rough inside – couch surfing or in motels. The Brisbane Zero collaboration aims to end rough sleeping by 2032.

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Gold Coast Zero

Ending homelessness on the Gold Coast is possible. By working together, the Gold Coast community can achieve net zero rough sleeping. Underpining the Gold Coast Zero Campaign is a shared, community owned database that coordinates service responses and triages their acuity of need.

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Logan Zero

Logan Zero is unlocking systems to end homelessness. Working together we can eliminate homelessness in Logan. It will take collaboration, good data, a focus on the individual, and action by decision makers.

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