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Becoming a QCOSS member

Our members are our partners: they provide invaluable support, collaboration and input into our initiatives and advocacy to help us deliver equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person, in every community.

With shared values and goals, we’re here to represent our collective purpose for achieving social justice. Together, we lead the charge in the campaign for social change.

When you become a member of QCOSS you’re:

  • showing your support for independent advocacy for communities and the community sector
  • adding your voice to those of leaders throughout Queensland communities, and
  • joining a diverse group of citizens who stand up for equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person in every community.

QCOSS membership is open to

Individuals: people who work directly in/with the community service sector or are interested in progressing the vision of QCOSS

Organisations: a not-for-profit and non-government organisation engaged or with an interest in some form of social, community or health service or social welfare

Associate membership is offered to organisations falling outside the definition.  Associate members receive the same benefits however are not eligible to vote or be appointed as a director of QCOSS.

All memberships must be approved by the QCOSS Board.

Cost of membership

The table below outlines the different levels for both individual, organisational and associate membership.

Organisation and associate membership is calculated on an organisation’s annual income.

Membership level Fees (inc GST)
Individual membership $65
Individual membership (unwaged) $5
Organisation and associate membership
(based on these income levels)
Less than $100,000 $65
$100,000 to $500,000 $350
$500,000 to $1.5 million $475
$1.5 – $5 million $775
$5 – $20 million $1,075
$20 – $50 million $1,425
More than $50 million $3,150

Member benefits

By joining QCOSS, individuals and organisations across the state can play a role in achieving equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person and being part of strong sector. Members contribute to QCOSS’ advocacy work as well as inform, support and strengthen sector development projects. The role of QCOSS members in participating in campaigns aimed at addressing social and income inequality and unjust wealth distribution is crucial.

We curate a regular e-newsletter to keep our members up to date with relevant information about current issues, reforms, research and social justice topics.  Individual members receive this fortnightly to their nominated email address while organisational members can subscribe as many staff from your organisation as you like – this reduces the amount of work you have to do to keep staff well informed and meet your social justice mission.

QCOSS members can vote for the QCOSS Board Director/s of their choice when vacant positions arise. As a member, this means you can have direct influence in shaping the future direction of the organisation.

Non-government and not-for-profit organisations have voting rights.

Government or council, for-profit organisations, sole traders, or businesses do not have voting rights.

Associate members are not eligible to vote or be appointed as a Director of QCOSS.

QCOSS members have access to the research, information, tools and resources that QCOSS develops. We are committed to increasing the spread of our services across the state, whether it is through convening policy forums or undertaking sector development activities.

QCOSS members can develop their skills and broaden their knowledge by taking advantage of generous member-only discounts to attend QCOSS conferences and events. These events provide members with access to QCOSS research, advice and support, and networking opportunities where they can share ideas with, and support, their community sector colleagues across the state.

QCOSS organisational members can promote jobs and events free on our website. (Links to the job and event listing pages are also included in our fortnightly members-only newsletter Conduit)

QCOSS organisational members also receive discounts on advertising with QCOSS through various mediums. For more information about advertising please email us or click here to see more information on our Advertising page.

Joining forces for equality, opportunity and wellbeing.