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Urban national performance report: urban water utilities

Entry updated: 10/04/2024

National performance reports benchmark the pricing and service quality of Australian water utilities. The report covers 166 performance indicators from 86 service providers; including bulk water authorities, water utilities, and councils. Indicators include water resource supply and usage, financial operations, bills and pricing, assets, water quality compliance and customer performance.

10 April 2024
Australian Energy Regulator

Retail energy market performance data

Entry updated: 10/04/2024

The data is modelled on the AER (Retail Law) Performance Reporting Procedures and Guidelines schedules, which have been split into 3 spreadsheets:

  • Schedule 2: customer numbers, switching, contracts, meter installations, tariffs
  • Schedule 3: complaints, debt (non-hardship), Centrepay, missed pay on time discounts, credit collections, payment plans, concessions, disconnections
  • Schedule 4: hardship customer numbers, hardship debt, hardship concessions, hardship payments, hardship program information, hardship assistance offered, hardship disconnections and hardship reconnections.
10 April 2024

Foodbank Hunger Report

Agency: Foodbank
Entry updated: 10/04/2024

Foodbank is the definitive source of information on food insecurity and food relief services in Australia. Foodbank conducts a number of surveys annually including individuals experiencing food insecurity, charities providing food relief and organisations donating food and groceries. Foodbank also maintains comprehensive statistics on our operations including detailed data on the food and groceries we collect and distribute.

10 April 2024

Queensland fuel price reports

Agency: RACQ
Entry updated: 10/04/2024

The RACQ’s Annual Fuel Price Report provides key fuel price data and analysis for each calendar year. The RACQ fuel price report also presents summaries of fuel price trends in Queensland on a quarterly basis.

10 April 2024

Poverty and Inequality Data

Agency: ACOSS
Entry updated: 10/04/2024

ACOSS (Australian Council of Social Service) has partnered with UNSW Sydney to undertake a research and impact collaboration to sharpen the national focus on poverty and inequality in Australia. The partnership monitors trends in poverty and inequality over time, explores drivers, and develops solutions to sharpen the focus and stimulate action to tackle these policy challenges.

10 April 2024
Department of Social Services

JobSeeker Payment and Youth Allowance recipients – monthly profile

Entry updated: 10/04/2024

The “JobSeeker Payment and Youth Allowance recipients – monthly profile” is a monthly report, covering the Income Support payments of JobSeeker Payment and Youth Allowance (other). It also includes data on Youth Allowance (student and apprentice), Sickness Allowance and Bereavement Allowance. The report includes payment recipient numbers by demographics such as age, gender, state, earnings and Statistical Area Level 2.

10 April 2024
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