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We are Queensland’s peak body for the social service sector.

Our vision is to achieve equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person, in every community.

We believe that every person in Queensland – regardless of where they come from, who they pray to, their gender, who they love, how or where they live – deserves to live a life of equality, opportunity and wellbeing.

We are a conduit for change. We bring people together to help solve the big social issues faced by people in Queensland, building strength in numbers to amplify our voice.

We create positive social change through our work in advocacy, policy development, engaging and empowering our members, the social service sector and communities. We’re committed to self-determination and opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Our strengths and focus lie in these areas

The work we do relies on these areas being connected. Together they enable us to truly create a movement for change; a movement that will create
equality, opportunity and wellbeing for all people in all communities.

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Latest News

  • woman at home making the bed

COVID-19 update – 7 April 2020

7 April 2020|Comments Off on COVID-19 update – 7 April 2020

Update on JobKeeper payment and support for tenants As we move into another week of our new COVID-19 reality, we wanted to give you an update on some of the latest developments and the work [...]

  • QCOSS CEO Aimee McVeigh

Aimee’s update – 3 April 2020

3 April 2020|Comments Off on Aimee’s update – 3 April 2020

In today's update, QCOSS Chief Executive Officer Aimee McVeigh talks about Queensland Government's COVID-19 Senior's Taskforce, and what the Care Army initiative means for our communities. As always, if there’s anything we can improve or [...]

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Upcoming Events

Engaging and working with Interpreters in Queensland

21 April 2020 to 21 April 2020

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Learn how to access and engage with a certified interpreter by joining us for this free webinar.

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Joining forces for equality, opportunity and wellbeing

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