Queensland’s community services sector is hugely diverse. We are part of the largest employer group in Queensland. On any given day, almost 150,000 people go to work in more than 10,000 charities across the state. Our essential work is supported by more than 324,000 volunteers.

We are there when Queenslanders are in need. We provide services to people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and mental health issues. We support children, people with disability and older people. We provide connection and community.

Our sector is made up of people who go the extra distance to make a difference, who change lives and believe that, through our collective efforts, we can tackle disadvantage.

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To ensure the work of our sector is impactful, the basic needs of our service users must be met. This includes dealing with the housing crisis, ensuring income support is above the poverty line and creating a society where people experience community. Coupled with this, we must have a social service system that is resourced sufficiently to lift people up when they need support.

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Our sector is facing unprecedented demand. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, community organisations provided a vital safety net to people experiencing vulnerability and marginalisation. In all regions of Queensland, evidence suggests that community organisations are experiencing rising demand for services along with a greater complexity of need.

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