Report: Living affordability in Queensland 2023

29 January 2024 |Category: ,

The QCOSS annual Living Affordability in Queensland report aims to determine whether low-income households in Queensland can afford a basic standard of living. The 2023 Living Affordability in Queensland report identifies cost-of-living pressures associated with increasing accommodation prices and the cost of essential goods and services such as healthy food, energy, healthcare, transport, and digital communications.

Submission: National Housing and Homelessness Plan

13 November 2023 |Category:

Immediate action, as well as a comprehensive long-term plan, are required to address the housing crisis in Queensland. QCOSS welcomes the federal government’s commitment to developing a Plan to address housing challenges, which must be a whole government plan and set an ambitious goal of ending housing need in Australia within a decade.

Submission: Housing Availability and Affordability Bill 2023

10 November 2023 |Category:

QCOSS welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback about the Bill and the Queensland Government’s commitment to making amendments to the Planning Act 2017 to include a state-facilitated application process to streamline the assessment of development applications to the extent that it will accelerate the delivery of social and affordable housing.

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