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Submission: Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility

1 December 2021

Young children do not belong in the criminal justice system, including prison. In consideration of Queensland’s Human Rights Act 2019 and following evidence of how best to respond to young children who engage in criminal activities, the Queensland Parliament should raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility.

Organisational COVID-19 Vaccination Advice from Clayton Utz

30 November 2021 |Category:

This paper provides general legal guidance about what actions QCOSS member organisations can do in relation to the COVID-19 vaccination in order to protect service users, comply with the law, respect their employees and ensure their decisions respect the human rights of service users and employees.

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Report: Bridging the Digital Divide

7 September 2021

As the world moves increasingly online, digital inclusion is necessary for people to be fulsomely engaged in economic, social and civic life. Despite that […]

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Report: Where are we now? Energy support and COVID-19 impacts on Queenslanders

6 September 2021 |Category:

This analysis examined the experience of Queensland households during COVID-19 and how energy supports are being utilised. This was determined by analysing results of the Queensland energy consumer and COVID-19 survey commissioned by a group of Energy Charter signatories as a #BetterTogether initiative on consumers and COVID-19.