QCOSS has made a submission to the Independent review of the Human Rights Act.

QCOSS and our members strongly support Queensland having a Human Rights Act. Overwhelming feedback from our sector supports the proposition that the Act is helping to deliver positive outcomes for communities, clients and service users. The value of the Act is particularly pronounced for our community service sector members who work with some of Queensland’s most disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals.

There is also very strong support for the Act to be strengthened. Our submission makes the following recommendations based on themes that have emerged throughout our engagement with community service organisations:

  1. Complaint resolution mechanisms must be improved and expanded
  2. The current operation of the override provision must be addressed
  3. Measures should be developed to strengthen Statement of Compatibility processes
  4. The definition of “Public Entity” should be reviewed
  5. The Act should be improved to support participation rights
  6. Further opportunities to support the right of First Nations Peoples to self-determination should be explored
  7. The Act should be improved to better support victim-survivors of gendered violence
  8. Opportunities should be explored to improve rights to housing and an adequate standard of living
  9. Further opportunities to support the rights of children should be explored
  10. The Government must commit to further investment to support deeper implementation of the Act.

Queensland’s Human Rights Act has created positive change in Queensland as we continue to develop a human rights respecting culture. Now is the time to ensure the Act is strengthened and supported to provide greater access to justice and to promote equality, opportunity and wellbeing for all Queenslanders.

8 July 2024 |Service type: