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Justice report, Queensland

The Justice report, Queensland provides an overview of the volume and nature of criminal justice matters in Queensland, and includes statistics relating to criminal courts, [...]

4 June 2024|Data source

Crime report, Queensland

The Crime report, Queensland provides an overview of the volume and nature of crime in Queensland, as reported to (by victims, witnesses or other persons) [...]

4 June 2024|Data source

Submission: Queensland Community Safety Bill 2024

In our submission responding to the Inquiry into the Queensland Community Safety Bill 2024, QCOSS outlined that we do not support the Bill. Drawing on the expertise of community service organisations, we outlined that many of the amendments proposed in the Bill are not rights respecting, nor evidence based.

31 May 2024|Publication

Youth Justice: Evidence Review

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a long history of over-representation in the justice systems in Australia. Unfortunately, in Queensland the over-representation [...]

10 April 2024|Data source

Queensland Criminal Justice System Timeline

The information included in the criminal justice timeline does not represent all criminal justice initiatives introduced in Queensland. Users of the timeline are [...]

10 April 2024|Data source
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