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The following is a regularly updated list of ongoing funds that are relevant to community and social service organisations in Queensland.

Last Updated: September 2018

Australian Ethical Community Grants

Status: Ongoing

As a business, we’re driven by a bigger purpose than just making a profit, we believe it’s important to play a leadership role in making the world a better place. That’s why each year we […]

AMP’s Tomorrow Fund

Status: Ongoing

AMP Tomorrow Makers are of all ages, come from all walks of life and are pursuing goals in a range of fields. They have a definite plan and a desire to make a difference in […]

Youngcare’s At Home Care Grants

Status: Ongoing

Youngcare’s At Home Care Grants program is critical in keeping young people at home with their families, and preventing new admissions to inappropriate housing. Youngcare’s At Home Care Grants (AHCG) provide funding for equipment, home […]

Youngcare Grants

Status: Ongoing

Youngcare’s grants programs are changing lives by providing vital funding for equipment, home modifications and essential support/respite. The grants support young people with high care needs to exit and avoid moving into housing that may […]

Deaf Services Queensland Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme

Status: Ongoing

​​​​​​Deaf Services Queensland Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme is now available. It is funded by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and managed by Deaf Services Queensland. Who is eligible? The Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme is available if […]

Telstra Disability Equipment Program

Status: Ongoing

We have a range of products to help our customers who have difficulty accessing standard telephone services. Our Disability Equipment Program is for customers who are deaf or blind or have a hearing, speech, vision, […]