As the peak body for the community services sector, QCOSS represents the voice of the largest employer group in Queensland. We also represent a sector where four out of every five employees are women. We view gender equality as an issue of critical importance and we support and deliver strategies, initiatives and advocacy that improve outcomes for women in Queensland.

QCOSS’ Women’s Equality Policy Network (WEPN) has led the advocacy efforts in Queensland associated with gender responsive budgeting. Our 2021 Gender Responsive Budget Analysis provides a crucial instrument with which to measure and reports on progress toward economic security for women in the state. A gender lens is applied to all of our policy work across our other advocacy areas, including housing, living affordability, energy prices and income support.

You can get involved in our gender equality advocacy through becoming a QCOSS member and contacting our WEPN. Find out about our other networks.

20 February 2022 | Focus area: