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Changing Lives, Changing Communities… play your part

  Changing Lives, Changing Communities Changing Lives, Changing Communities are 12, two-day events across Queensland, creating new ways for people – citizens, community organisations, the private sector and government representatives – to come together, envision [...]

8 October 2018|Project

Human Rights Commissioner addresses QCOSS AGM

Human Rights Commissioner Ed Santow addressed attendees at QCOSS Annual General Meeting on 29 November. He provided insights into the issues being faced by the LGBTIQ community beyond changes to marriage law, the potential benefits [...]

21 December 2017|Post

Seeing the signs!

Having founded Sanctuary Family Solutions in early 2017, Managing Co-Director Kerri Gibson wanted to understand her local family support services better and find a role her organisation could take up in the community that supported [...]

17 November 2017|Post

If you build it….

Martin Locke tells his story Based in Townsville, Martin Locke is working hard to develop the housing industry to build new houses that are fully accessible to all people, regardless of ability or age. Martin [...]

14 November 2017|Story

Changing lives, changing communities

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has come to life in Townsville and is making a big difference to people’s lives and to the community. QCOSS has been involved in community-led transition efforts in Townsville [...]

14 November 2017|Story

Switched On Communities

Empowerment went to the very core of the Switched On Communities program which has helped organisations support clients experiencing vulnerability in the South East Queensland deregulated energy market. Over nine months, more than 6,600 people [...]

14 November 2017|Story

Mental health supports in the NDIS: What’s changing?

The Mental Health system in Australia has often been labelled as complex and difficult to navigate by consumers and health professionals alike. The NDIS and current mental health reforms have only exacerbated this complexity, leaving [...]

12 November 2017|Research and evidence