Research and Evaluation Network: Holistic Self-determination in an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Isander Community Health Service (ATSICHS) Brisbane is one of the oldest Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCO) in Australia, founded in 1973. Although healthcare is the backbone of the organisation, the introduction of social services many years ago is said to be the heart. It’s with this holistic approach of health and social services that ATSICHS is pursuing a stoic agenda to create Australia’s first holistic Indigenous wellbeing model – in a digital age – grounded in principles of self-determination. 

Raymond Brunker, the General Manager of Community Services, will outline the fundamentals of what is self-determination – the historical context, theories, and relating that to practical real-life delivery. Then two in-depth examples at ATSICHS will be explored. Firstly, how ATSICHS has decolonised certain forms of social service delivery to match self-determination values as an ACCO. Raymond will then illustrate the current data science work being undertaken at a macro level, exploring new approaches in the vision to creating a digital holistic wellbeing model.  

Ultimately, ATSICHS believes self-determination is a verb, not a noun. It is the doing. But like all successful endeavours, values from the heart must shine forward first before sharp minds or fast feet. In ATSICHS’ case, the values of self-determination.

29 April 2024 - 10:00 am through 11:30 am
Online via Microsoft Teams