I’ve put my hand up to be the Chair or President – what do I need to know?

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The Chair or President of an organisation takes on a leadership role in their community, providing clear guidance towards the vision of an organisation and ensuring benefit to their community.


Having clarity about the role of the Board or Management Committee in the unique context of the organisation you are representing is paramount, as it is this clarity of vision that form the foundation of the guidance you provide to the group as the Chair/President. 

This webinar will provide insight into this important role, including:
•    an overview of the role
•    valuable attributes and skills
•    documents you are responsible for
•    quality and compliance responsibilities
•    useful resources 

Note: In acknowledgement of the particular challenges that rural, remote, and small organisations have, participants representing these organisations will be prioritised. Registration numbers are capped to ensure a conversational workshop can be hosted, and the workshop will not be recorded. 

Date:  Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm 

Location:  Online via Zoom 

24 May 2023 - 9:30 am through 12:00 pm
Online via Zoom