Quality Collaboration Network: Data governance and benchmarking

We’ve known about the power of data in the community services sector for a long time, but data governance is what ensures that organisations comply with regulations and provides a framework for responsible and ethical handling of data. Getting a handle on data governance can support evaluation and impact assessment, provides a backbone for collaboration, and supports effective decision making.

In this meeting, we’ll be joined by Gabi Ceregra, Food Agility’s Data Policy Manager. Gabi has a wealth of experience in data management and develops best practice data management policies in her role.

The Quality Collaboration Network is a peer-led network for those involved in implementing the Human Services Quality Framework within their organisation.

It provides an opportunity to share experiences, information and resources on audit and quality matters, as well as identifying common issues across the sector to inform system updates to government. Monthly meetings offer guest speakers and discussion on a range of topics, while access to peers and experts provides a community of knowledge and experience to draw on for everyday support.

Involvement is open to quality, policy or compliance risk professionals working in community services non-government organisations in Queensland.

17 July 2024 - 9:30 am through 11:00 am
Online via Microsoft Teams