The Human Service Quality Framework Lunchbox Series (four-part series) - Hosted by HDAA and QCOSS

The 2023-2024 state budget saw a significant investment into the Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF).

HSQF provides a benchmark for quality across community services in Queensland which safeguards individuals, provides organisations with a clear framework for how to deliver services, and increases confidence in government investment in services. 

Ten years after the HSQF was first implemented, the sector, auditors, Certifying Bodies and Queensland Government departments have a wealth of insights into how it could be strengthened and how to improve the HSQF certification process. 

In the wake of the funding announcement HDAA  and QCOSS have partnered to deliver a series of lunchbox conversations about HSQF. We invite you to join us to have the conversations that all stakeholders within the HSQF want to have, particularly around how we use the HSQF and the certification process to improve service delivery and bolster the community services sector. 

Dates for sessions three and four will be confirmed in the new year. 

Session One: The push and pull of the auditing experience – setting things up for collaborative conversations

20 November 2023, 12.00pm to 1.00pm

While all stakeholders want to ensure that the outcome of an audit is quality services, the different perspectives they bring to an audit can lead to friction. 

How do we approach challenging conversations in a way that ensures perspectives and expertise are heard and mutual commitment to quality is fulfilled? This session will explore how we can set things up from the opening meeting to establish a collaborative working relationship between organisation and auditor. 

Session Two: Quality and culture – enriching and broadening our perspective of quality 

13 February 2024, 12.00pm to 1.00pm

Understanding different perspectives of what quality service delivery looks like can enrich the community services sector. There is great opportunity to better understand how we apply a cultural lens to the HSQF. 

This session is an opportunity to discuss the ways in which culture both informs and perceives quality.  

Session Three: The cost of compliance – how can we manage the rising costs of meeting certification requirements? 

16 April 2024,  12.00pm to 1.00pm

Inflation is impacting on all our budgets, and for organisations who require on-site audits, these costs have increased considerably over time. Scheme requirements mean that particular obligations must be met during an organisational audit, but there may be opportunities available to manage the costs of HSQF certification. This discussion will focus on how these strategies could look. 

Session Four: Roundtable discussions about specific HSQF indicators 

June 2024

This session has been set aside to discuss HSQF indicators which the participating group have prioritised for discussion. 


Please note: Registering for one session will automatically register you for all four sessions. You will receive a reminder email before each session.

This series is being sponsored by HDAA 

16 April 2024 - 12:00 pm through  1:00 pm