Australian Government – Fostering Integration Grants

Status: Ongoing

Region: Australia wide


The Australian Government is inviting organisations in an open process to apply to deliver grants under the Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Program – Fostering Integration Grant Scheme from 2022 to 2023.

The underlying principles of the Fostering Integration Grants are to:

  • assist migrants to integrate into Australian social, economic and civic life
  • support small culturally diverse community organisations and groups in Australia that provide cultural activities, and community programs and events
  • build upon Australia’s multicultural success with a particular focus on building  social cohesion.

Australia is a multicultural society. Almost half of our current population was either born overseas or has at least one parent born overseas. We have flourished in part thanks to our multicultural and multi-faith diversity, underpinned by our inclusive national identity and shared Australian values. We do not take our unity and prosperity for granted. Communities and community organisations play a critical role in supporting and building our social cohesion and keeping communities strong, cohesive and prosperous.

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Phone enquiries: 1800 020 283

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