RACQ Foundation Community Grant Program

Status: Ongoing

Region: Queensland wide


If you are a Queensland sporting club, organisation, community group, charity or an organisation with a charitable purpose and have been impacted by severe weather events, natural disaster or drought you can apply now for a Community Grant with RACQ Foundation.

Closes Monday, 2 October 2023.

Application Checklist

Before starting your online application form, make sure you have thought through the details of your project. Such as:

  • Who are you? Think of the organisation or charity.
  • What is your background and what are your usual activities?
  • What are the numbers of your volunteers and/or staff?
  • What do you want to do with the grant?
  • How do you plan on doing the project?
  • What are the costs involved and the budget of the project?
  • What happens after the project is completed?
  • Are there any other sources of funding for your project?

Email enquiries: [email protected]

Phone enquiries: 07 3872 8603

For more information: https://www.racq.com.au/about-us/community/racq-foundation

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