QCOSS drafted this submission in response to a parliamentary inquiry examining the Criminal Law (Coercive Control and Affirmative Consent) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023. The Bill seeks to implement recommendations from the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce.

This submission particularly emphasises a need for a thoughtful approach to implementation. Successful implementation will be dependent on substantial investment, community education and capacity building activities targeted to the community and key industries. Investment in vital service providers must also complement implementation.

This submission is informed by substantial prior engagement with QCOSS member organisations. QCOSS is not in a position to respond to some of the technical legislative detail reflected in the Bill and has not commented on all aspects of the Bill.

Our submission comments on:

  • Amendments to failure to report offence (review Section 229BC of the Criminal Code)
  • Criminal offence of coercive control
  • Affirmative consent (commitment to introduce model of affirmative consent)
  • Expanded sentencing and bail considerations
  • Further policy development, law reform and investment.
1 November 2023 |Service type: