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Home Time

Home Time is a national campaign to improve Australia’s housing system for almost 40,000 children and young people who have nowhere to live. The campaign was initiated by a group of peak bodies in Victoria who commissioned research to provide analysis of housing policies and funding arrangements that impacted the ability of 15-24-year-olds without parental or carer support to escape homelessness and access safe housing and the support they need.

12 April 2024|Campaign

Facts Sources

Data and quick statistics about Queensland renters.

10 April 2024|Data source

Housing Monitor is a shared evidence base to help councils plan, deliver and monitor the supply of affordable and appropriate housing in their communities. [...]

10 April 2024|Data source

Housing Affordability in Your Area – Heat Maps

Data from Anglicare Australia shows that essential workers across Australia are struggling to pay the rent. Many essential industries are facing workforce shortages [...]

10 April 2024|Data source

Rental Affordability Index

The annual rental affordability index (RAI) report is an easy-to-understand indicator of rental affordability relative to household incomes. It is a crucial tool [...]

10 April 2024|Data source

Median rents quarterly data

Each quarter, the RTA analyses new rental bond lodgements to determine the median weekly rental prices for houses, townhouses and flats/units across Queensland. [...]

10 April 2024|Data source

Housing Assistance in Australia

Assistance provided by governments and community organisations is available to eligible Australians who may have difficulties securing stable and affordable housing – this [...]

10 April 2024|Data source
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